Using Conversion Triggers

Conversion triggers bypass the need for customers to click on referral links on your affiliates' sites. This makes the consumer experience far more seamless and strengthens tracking.

Here are the different types of triggers:

Coupon Code: If the system detects a coupon code that's also assigned to the affiliate, it will automatically credit the order to that affiliate.

Email: A conversion will be generated any time the customer uses the email to make the purchase. If your affiliate knows a specific customer will drive a sale, that customer's email can be added to the affiliate account for automated lifetime crediting.

SKU: If only certain products trigger a commission for an affiliate, SKU triggers can be put in place for just those products. If you enter the product SKU, the affiliate will receive a conversion whenever that particular SKU is triggered.

Conversion triggers make tracking activity on your affiliates much easier and much more efficient. This feature is available in our Growth and Elite plans.

Using Conversion Triggers