Post-Purchase Channel

We have an incredibly useful widget known as the Post-Purchase (found within the channel category). This nifty little feature lets you turn customers into affiliates. Post-Purchase will enable you to offer customers a commission in exchange for referrals.

Here's how you can set it up:

This is an example of what your customers will see after placing an order on your web site:

´╗┐When your customers see this and click on "Activate" they will automatically be registered as an affiliate and have access to their own Refersion dashboard to track their progress.

Also, without leaving this notification box, they will also be given an Affiliate link instantly so that they can get started advertising your brand.

Important Note: Once the customer clicks "activate" they will be automatically approved into your Affiliate Program regardless of your account settings.

The commission structure comes from the Offer setup for this Channel. In the same way that you tag an Offer to an affiliate, you must choose an Offer when you setup your Post-Purchase Channel.

Ready to set this up?

Head to Channels > Post-Purchase in your account, and select the offer you want to use. You can then change the colors, turn on the option for your customers to receive a login instructions email and finally, receive the code to install within your shop.

If you're using Shopify, navigate to Settings then Checkout, and paste the code in the 'additional scripts' box.

This sample is what your code should look similar to:

Post-Purchase Channel