Commission Rate And Structure

Commission Rates

Commission rates are based on the “Commission Structure” and are tied in with “Offers”. You can set different commission rates to specific “Offers”. You can do so by editing the “Commission Amount” for “Offers” that you created.

We currently support the following commission types:
Percent of sale: Commission is based on the amount of sales revenue that affiliates generate.
Flat rate per order: The commission is the same in all cases, on a per order basis.
Flat rate per item: The commission is the same in all cases, on a per item basis.
Tiered: These offers allow finer control over an affiliate's commission based on how much revenue they've driven. It allows you to set up several tiers based on revenue which themselves are flat rate offer or percent of sale. Essentially, commission rate automatically changes based on volume of sales. Keep in mind that when you reset the offers, the tier is cleared for an affiliate.

Commission Structure

The commission structure is tied in with "Offers." Offers are like commission structure templates. You can create an unlimited amount of offers, but each affiliate must be tagged to 1 offer as a time.

To create a new offer with a new commission, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enter Offers

Click on “Manage” and then select “Offers”. The “Offers” page will open:

Step 2: Create New Offer

On the “Offers” page, click on “+ Create New”. The “New Offer” page will open:

Step 3: Set Commission Structure

On the “Create New” page, complete all the required fields for the new offer. You can select from a Flat Rate Per Order, Flat Rate Per Item, Percent of Sale or Tiered commission:

If you choose to select Tiered you'll see this:

Set the commission amount and choose what type of Tiered offer you want. Be sure to select whether or not you want to approve commissions automatically.

When you're done, click “Create”.

If you want to edit your commissions, then this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Enter Offers

Click on “Manage” and then select “Offers”. The “Offers” page will open with a list of “Offers Found”:

Step 2: Click Offer ID

In the ”Offers Found” list, select the “Offer ID” from the list of “Offers Found”. The “Commission Structure” page will open:

Step 3: Edit Commissions

On the “Commission Structure” page, edit the “Commission Amount”:

Commission Rate And Structure