Run A Test Order

Running a test order is an important step in your account setup process and will confirm whether tracking is working correctly.

On your dashboard, use the Tools drop-down menu and select "new test order".

There you'll be able to create a test referral link. After it's generated, be sure to open the link in new private browsing/incognito window and then complete an order on your site just as a customer would.

You should see this message:

The test order should then be visible under the Conversions tab in 10 minutes or so:

What happens if your test order doesn't report?

Please reach out to us at and provide us with the following information so that we'll be able to figure out what went wrong:

•The order ID of your test order.
•The referral link that you used to test (if you know it).
•Confirmation that payment was captured on the test order.
•Gift card or coupon code for 100% off (in case I need to perform an order on my end)

Run A Test Order