Conversion Triggers: Coupon Codes

How coupon code conversion triggers work

Coupon code conversion triggers allow you to “tag” specific coupons to affiliates so whenever a customer places an order using that code, it will be automatically credited to that affiliate. In order to use this tracking type, you will have to create the coupons in your shop and control the settings for the coupon there. You can then tag the coupon to the affiliate in Refersion.

Setting up from Affiliate Settings

Step 1: Enter Affiliates

Head to Manage > Affiliates and find the affiliate you'd like to create the Conversion Trigger for:

Step 2: Add Trigger

Click Conversion Triggers under the Advanced Settings section, followed by Add Trigger:

Step 3: Enter Code

Enter the personalized coupon code and click Create:

Your code is set up

Your coupon code is now ready within Refersion. Remember to also set up the coupon code within your shop:

Note: It's also possible to set up conversion triggers right from your dashboard.

Conversion Triggers: Coupon Codes