Commission Offers: SKU Level

What is a SKU level commission?

SKU level commissions allow you to setup special commission rates based on product.

If you have a product that has a lower margin, you may want to offer a lower commission rate should the referred customer buy that product. On the other hand, you may want to incentivize affiliates to refer products with a higher margin by offering a higher commission rate.

How it works

We first check the order to see if a product with a designated SKU level commission was purchased and if so, we apply that special rate. Any other products purchased that do not have a SKU level commission designated will receive the default commission rate set for the affiliate's offer.

Setting up SKU level commissions

In order to set a different commission for a specific SKU, you must edit the "SKU Level Commission" within the respective offer. As a start, make sure you have the SKU(s) setup correctly within your shop.

Step 1: Enter Offers

Head to the offer (or create one) that you would like to set the SKU under like so:

Step 2: Product Level Commissions

Click Product Level Commissions:

Step 3: Add SKU

Click Add SKU:

Step 4: Add Details

Lastly, enter the details of the SKU Commission and hit Create:

Commission Offers: SKU Level