How To Pay Your Affiliates

One thing to keep in mind is that Refersion does not automatically pay your affiliates. This means it's up to you to initiate affiliate payouts. There's 3 different way you can go about this:

1. PayPal Mass Payments:

Contact PayPal to enable Mass Payments for your business account, enter your account details within your Refersion account and you're all set. You'll be able to pay multiple affiliates at a time using our app without having to login to PayPal.

Note: If PayPal hasn't approved Mass Payments for your account but you want to pay via PayPal, you will have to complete a manual payment and send the recorded amount directly through your PayPal account.

2. Gift Cards:

If you want to use gift card payouts, you'll need to issue a gift card in your shop for the affiliate's approved payment value. Once the gift cards are generated, you can review and approve payments, add an optional payment note, then click Process Bulk Payments. Next, select the Send Gift Card via Email option. This will allow you to key in the Gift Card Code for the affiliate.

3. Manual Payments:

If you prefer to pay your affiliates using your own system such as personal checks, cash, donations, etc. you should select this option. This will tell Refersion that you've paid these affiliates and they will then be marked as such.

How To Pay Your Affiliates